BIOL 103 Quiz Ecology

BIOL 103 Quiz: Ecology

  1. In the mark-recapture study in this lab, the actual population size must be somewhere near
  2. InActivity#1B,whichvaluebelowbestrepresentsthedensityofredsquares/cm2 inthe five quadrats you sampled?
  3. The quadrat approach would be least appropriate for sampling _______ populations.
  4. In Activity #1A, if 10 transects were run instead of 5
  5. Which of the following is the most obvious technical problem associated with sampling using the quadrat method?
  6. Which of the following amounts would be least helpful in estimating population size by the mark-recapture method?
  7. How would the data change in the mark-recapture experiment, if the population had been sampled 40 times instead of 20 times?
  8. It would be difficult to count each elephant in an elephant population at any given time mostly because
  9. On the population sheet in Activity#1, which population ranked the highest in percent coverage?
  10. To provide the best estimate of the average density of green squares on a sheet of paper using the quadrat method, successive placements of the quadrat should be
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