BIOL 103 Quiz Photosynthesis

BIOL 103 Quiz: Photosynthesis

  1. Plant pigments are carried up into chromatography paper by
  2. What are two forms of useful energy that are produced by the flow of electrons in a membrane?
  3. Which phrase below best describes the form your data takes in the experiment outlined in Activity 1 of this lab?
  4. In a leaf disc assay, disc float in solution because
  5. The greater the time elapsed during the assay
  6. Plants convert the energy of sunlight into a chemically usable form. They do this using a process called
  7. In higher plants, photosynthesis occurs within cellular organelles called
  8. Which treatment (syringes) had the least number of floating disks after 35 minutes?
  9. Which of the following hypotheses was supported by the Leaf Disk Assay experiment?
  10. Which of the following experimental conditions yielded the greatest number of floating leaf discs?
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