AVIA 245 Quiz 2

AVIA 245 Quiz 2 Liberty

  1. What service did Dean Molloy serve?
  2. In the interview with Dean Molloy, he quoted George Knight saying, “Christian ethics: Come from within and is an ethics of good thoughts.”
  3. God’s ethics are always changing ethics?
  4. A recurring theme that Dean Molloy shares in his courses is that God has a plan for your life and wants to use our talents to do His will.
  5. In your own words, what leadership quality do you most admire about Esther?
  6. York describes stories of people with character flaws that caught up to them in one way of another.  Because a theme of this course is learning how to lead yourself before you can lead others, place yourself into one of the stories and describe a way that you could avoid such a situation or you could turn the situation around before it went too far.
  7. Why is it important as leaders to surround ourselves with ethical people of moral character?
  8. York describes four things that cause corruption in people.  List two of the four things, and then describe a scenario which may influence a person in your working or social environment to fall into a trap of one of the four things leading to corruption or to corrupt behavior.
  9. According to York, Character: Influences the ________________ and __________ of leadership.
  10. According to Dean Molloy, why is self-assessment important?
  11. York says that _____________ the wrong things causes corruption, and when our ___________ are weak or distorted, our ______________ becomes compromised.
  12. York tells the story of friends Bill and Gail, how did Bill demonstrate moral character and integrity as a flight instructor?
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