AVIA 245 Quiz 5

AVIA 245 Quiz 5 Liberty

  1. How does Dr. Morrison define Just Culture?
  2. What are 2 of the 4 pillars of a SMS?
  3. Summarize how a person can be a ‘difference maker’ to others as a leader?
  4. Choose a story out of Chapter 6 that most resonates with you and compare how you may have done things differently or similarly to the person in the story. (50 word minimum).
  5. How did Jesus demonstrate Just Culture in his handling of the women caught in adultery?
  6. In your words, describe what characterizes dogmatic leaders?
  7. According to York, if he had to pick the single most important tool for building strong leaders, it would be spiritual exercise for the purpose of gaining _____________.
  8. How does Professor Mashburn summarize Just Culture?
  9. Reckless choice is a deliberate act whereas an error is a mistake.
  10. According to York, Spiritual learning is an essential aspect of amassing wisdom.
  11. A strong reporting culture is not that important to an SMS if you have a strong safety culture.
  12. What are the three elements of Just Culture?
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