AVIA 245 Quiz 1

AVIA 245 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. According to Tana Jamison, what is a key employee trait when developing a successful team?
  2. According to Dr. John George, what causes people not to pay attention?
  3. What would you say was the downfall of Amaziah’s leadership?
  4. According to The Strong Leader’s Hand, what you put in your hand represents your ______________.
  5. Discussing self-centered weak leaders, York relates that CEOs and COOs of companies large and small say that _____________________ is the number one problem in their organizations.
  6. It is more important for a leader to focus on the strengths of a team member than to help them overcome their weaknesses?
  7. Decision making is always best when done in harmony without dissenting views?
  8. Major General Terry Allen was a man of great vision. How did his vision of the enemy and goal to reduce casualties impact the way he trained his soldiers? Be sure to address both vision and resulting training.
  9. Strong leaders do not _______ people, they ________ in them.
  10. What are some key points Liberty is looking for in partnering with Flight Training Affiliates?
  11. According to York, what is the definition of teamwork?
  12. As leaders, it is our responsibility to ____________  those we work with and to ensure we provide them with the _____________ they need to succeed.
  13. Compare the traits that Dave Knapp utilized in his leadership to the leadership traits Mr. Brian Hough discussed in his interview about successful FTAs:
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