AVIA 245 Quiz 4

AVIA 245 Quiz 4 Liberty

  1. If we want people to follow our vision, we have to demonstrate that we ________ about them.
  2. When discussing incompetent leaders, York describes eighteen traits that may mar the performance of an organization.  Choose one of the traits, summarize the trait, and put it in the context of the organization you are a part of describing how such a trait may mar the organization’s performance.
  3. In your own words, what does it mean to be accountable to someone?
  4. According to York, conduct influences the _________________ of leadership.
  5. Respect means _______________ others.
  6. In 1 Samuel 9, how did Saul demonstrate he had a humble heart when Samuel came to anoint him King?
  7. According to Professor Mashburn, what is true authority?
  8. What caused Saul to stumble and lose his kingship?
  9. Describe the importance of discipline in leadership and give an example of an area of leadership you are currently developing discipline (50-word minimum):
  10. In York’s story about Bill York, he used to keep his soldiers awake by use of a
  11. When York commanded the Delta Company Maddogs, he would typically get scores of 180 points on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) in order to fit in with his soldiers.
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