YOUT 201 Quiz 1

YOUT 201 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. One of Dr. Vandegriff’s former teenagers was a young man who did not necessarily fit in to the youth ministry, yet, upon reconnecting ten years later, he found this young man to be a truck driver and former US Army Ranger.
  2. According to the author, anyone who is the sole authority is setting themselves and their congregation up for disappointment if not failure.
  3. The believer who cultivates sin in his lifestyle is allowing Satan the opportunity to overtake other areas in the believer’s life.
  4. Satan desires for young people to live instead of dying, so that he can distract and entertain them as much as is possible while they are alive.
  5. Parents and student ministry leaders need to engage the cynicism and discouragement of teenagers by:
  6. Student ministry leaders should help teenagers in becoming independent while still also encouraging them to:
  7. The United Kingdom gave a variety of characteristics of sheep and shepherds.  Which is not one of those ideas?
  8. “A plurality of shepherds in any flock is not only effective and efficient; there is biblical evidence that making a big flock seem small is simply good __________.”
  9. Satan is mainly interested in keeping young people focused on the world and its ways, so that they make no eternal impact for the kingdom.
  10. “If our faith is in Christ, then our __________ is in Christ.”
  11. According to Dr. Vandegriff, he has no problem with student ministry leaders being seen as the heroes to his teenaged children.
  12. Vandegriff points out that arguing can actually be a positive thing.
  13. Which one of the following is a teenager overly concerned about?
  14. The believer’s thought life is not where spiritual battle takes place.
  15. Students/teenagers need help in making decisions and adults should help them to become good decision makers.
  16. Approximately what percent of children live in a home where their father does not reside?
  17. What is the one common regret among believers who converted to the Christian faith as adults?
  18. (Regarding rationale for going into vocational student ministry) “If a person cannot __________ their calling into student ministry (or any ministry for that matter), they should seriously consider doing something else.”
  19. Which one of the following is a key indication that a young person has made the Christian faith personally his/her own, rather than solely being something which was passed down from their parents?
  20. Eugene Peterson states that ministers have abandoned their call in his book:
  21. Which of the following ways should a student pastor help teenagers to think for themselves?
  22. Parents should not allow their emerging teenagers to play sports, as this can allow their teenagers to become distracted from their school work and the work of the Lord.
  23. Youth workers need to take advantage of social media platforms instead of the older platform of face-to-face interaction.
  24. Parents must be willing to train their teenagers in helping to shape their thinking for the upcoming battles and pressures in life, but they must also remember that:
  25. Parents and youth leaders do not need to be concerned about our youth and the culture at large and the negative influences through television and music because our youth ministries are so strong.
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