YOUT 201 Quiz 5

YOUT 201 Quiz 5 Liberty University

  1. Match the 4 different levels. (Entry Level, Evangelizing Level, Edifying Level, Equipping Level)
  2. According to the author, he sees it as very appropriate to charge for large group events but would not charge students to attend the student ministry’s weekly meetings.
  3. According to the author, students are most effective in reaching teenagers, and the author lists a number of reasons for this claim. Which one listed below is not given in the text:
  4. Since the 1960s, the self-identified number of evangelical believers among adolescents is less than ten percent.
  5. Regarding equipping students to reach their peers, being instructional has to do with:
  6. When promoting an outreach event, what is not one of the 7 Ws listed in the textbook?
  7. The author states that prayer is the most vital of all the ten steps in an outreach event.
  8. The author makes the case that student ministry is likened to:
  9. The author mentioned utilizing the personal touch at events. According to the text, which group is the most important in connecting with the new student:
  10. There is nothing spiritual about a ministry tool.
  11. Which is not one of the Ten Foundational Programming Principles?
  12. According to the author, events or programs by themselves do not save anyone but are simply a tool. The tool the author uses as an example is that of a:
  13. When one considers the 96% unsaved statistic, this leaves how many students between the ages of 10–19 (based on the 2012 census) in darkness needing Christ?
  14. According to the author, having a structure, or program in and of itself is not evil.
  15. The author states that he would rather lead his students’ friends to Christ instead of the students themselves.
  16. Regarding equipping students to reach their peers, being influential has to do with:
  17. In relation to the gospel presentation during an outreach event, the author mentioned his excitement of “…having students be the ones who gave the gospel presentation of Jesus Christ, shared their testimony, or did the counseling.”
  18. According to the text, the most effective means of promotion is utilizing social media.
  19. The text describes two types of games:
  20. Regarding using programs, there are four benefits programs provide in keeping focus on our mission. Which one is not true?
  21. Which group is not listed as necessary to be communicated to about the purpose of an event?
  22. The philosophy remains resilient but the programs must be relevant.
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