SOWK 135 Quiz 3

SOWK 135 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. Kate sees her work with couples—and individuals as well—as a(n) ______________.
  2. In the video, Mark Shadoan speaks about social work as a private practice therapist being:
  3. Diane views working in the dark places and attacking poverty, homelessness, grief, crime and abuse as a ______________.
  4. True or False: In the video, Anne’s work in community health has been a rewarding experience with a variety of clients and different positions within the agency.
  5. Providing persons with addictions with privileges in order to encourage motivation and change is referred to as the _______________________.
  6. What part of Sunshine’s identity allows many of her clients to relate to her in a better way?
  7. What fuels Raelynn’s belief that God called her to protect those who need to be protected and to help those in need?
  8. What did Kate learn while working with Becky and Matt?
  9. Regarding her work as a therapist, Kate stated, “It can be ________ work…”
  10. Raelynn believes which event gave her a new perspective on life?
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