PSYC 810 Quiz 7 Writing a Qualitative Study

PSYC 810 Quiz 7: Writing a Qualitative Study

Covers the Textbook material from Module 7: Week 7

  1. Weis and Fine (2000) posit that responsible writing considers which of the following questions?
  2. When a biographer begins with a key event in the life of a participant, and then works forward and backward from and to the event, which of the following methods are they using?
  3. Which of the following purposes does a logic diagram involve?
  4. Which type of quote did Richardson (1990) assert is difficult to use?
  5. For reporting a phenomenological study, Moustakas (1994) recommends including:
  6. Yin’s (2014) possible structures for composing a case study report include which of the following?
  7. Jane has conducted a grounded theory study of the process for making medical decisions about cancer treatment. What is the best end point of her report?
  8. A “key event,” described by Denzin (2001) as an interactional moment and experience that marks people’s lives, is called a(an):
  9. Tropes are an ethnographic writing structure.
  10. If you have to use a paragraph-long quotation, Creswell and Poth recommend that you:
  11. A funnel approach is a phenomenological writing structure.
  12. Case study reports involve a standard format.
  13. Creswell and Poth recommend using which of the following strategies when writing qualitative research regardless of approach?
  14. Tierney (1995) identifies which of the following potential audiences:
  15. Elizabeth conducted a qualitative study about children who were adopted from India. To address reflexivity, she included a section about her experience adopting a child. Which of the following elements are most important to include in her statement?
  16. The progressive-regressive method involves:
  17. Reflexivity relates to:
  18. Writing reflects the writer’s own interpretation.
  19. For which term does Creswell and Poth give the following description: “A good literary study in which the writing becomes ‘real’ and ‘alive,’ writing that transports the reader directly into the world of the study”?
  20. Which of the following does a confessional tale accomplish?
  21. According to Creswell and Poth, how might writing affect the participants:
  22. You have read a qualitative study about disadvantaged children living in a township in South Africa. Which of the following aspects of reflexivity should the author consider most?
  23. Examples of rhetorical devices that ethnographers may embed in their studies include:
  24. Qualitative authors should claim universal knowledge.
  25. According to Creswell and Poth, which of the following narrative elements did Chan (2010) use?
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