PSYC 351 Test 3

PSYC 351 Test 3 Liberty University

  1. According to the textbook, the stereotype of successful Asian-Americans has the effect of:
  2. This African-American Sociologist has suggested that the African-American experience with regards to race is waning, and that social class is comparatively more important in determining life chances.
  3. According to information on the growth of the Asian-American population in the textbook:
  4. Fatalismo refers to:
  5. Gender stratification is the association of some activities as either male or female.
  6. The ____________, rather than a professional counselor, may be the first person an African-American individual turns to for guidance.
  7. Many African-American homes are headed by
  8. According to _______and_______ (        ) traditional feminine traits (e.g., empathy, intuitiveness, cooperation, affiliation) are often devalued in U.S. culture, so that female clients often learn to devalue these traits in themselves.
  9. Instead of promoting individual needs and personal identity, Asian families tend to have a family and group orientation.
  10. Twelve-year-old Jennifer begins to experience intense heart palpitations prior to a math test. She does not believe she is good at math because through messages from her family, teachers and media, she is not supposed to excel at math because she is a girl. Jennifer is likely experiencing
  11. For traditionally oriented Arab-Americans, opposite-sex discussions with people other than family members can be problematic.
  12. According to the notes, the majority of individuals who seek counseling are_________
  13. According to the notes, there is one set of beliefs/values that is representative of all Arabs.
  14. According to ______and_______ (        ) counselors should address spiritual issues with female clients because women are more likely than are men to turn to spiritual practices to address life problems and to integrate spirituality into their daily life routines.
  15. According to the textbook, older women are discriminated in society by
  16. Turner and Pope, 2009 suggested that for Native-Americans identification with their own race can be problematic.
  17. Atkins (2004) suggests not ignoring within-group differences in counseling—such as
  18. Of the following Latino nationalities, which is the largest residing in the U.S.?
  19. African-American marriages differ from Caucasian marriages in that there is greater equality between husband and wife—this is known as _________ marriages.
  20. As married women enter the work-force, most continue to do most of the housework/childcare.
  21. According to the textbook, feminism is a frequently misunderstood term that refers to efforts directed toward gender equality.
  22. Latinos, may have separate rules/expectations for females versus males in the family unit. Greater ‘___________’ is expected of females; males have greater latitude with sexual ‘_______________.’
  23. According to the notes, socialization has no limitations.
  24. Sexual Harassment is unwelcome sexual attention at work or at school, in the form of
  25. Native-Americans are called the ‘visible’ minority.
  26. Proverbs 19:21 addresses God’s sovereignty.
  27. Acculturative stress has been linked to:
  28. Of the Arab community residing in the U.S., most are older.
  29. Native-Americans have suffered greatly as a result of
  30. Professional _____________ women face significant stress related to their position of upward mobility, which often entails emotional consequences.
  31. The catalyst for the exponential growth in the U.S. Latino population is
  32. African-American __________________ provides a foundation for financial security and is an important engine for wealth accumulation.
  33. According to the notes __________, _____ stated ‘Blacks are often thought of as reflecting powerlessness on the one hand and unthinking rage on the other.’
  34. California had the largest percentage of Native-Americans.
  35. According to the notes, Native-Americans have a ______________ clan system, with communal sharing of land and food.
  36. Negative societal realms for African-Americans include
  37. According to the notes, sex and gender are the same constructs.
  38. Some negative stereotypes of Arab-Americans include:
  39. History shows that in the 1800s, many Native-American children were put in boarding homes and were not allowed to speak their native language.
  40. In terms of time orientation, Native-Americans and Native Alaskans are much more oriented toward the future.
  41. The ‘Immersion’ for Native-Americans was both a rite of passage for young men and a religious renewal for adult men.
  42. More than half of the U.S. Asian-American population lives in the South-East.
  43. According to the notes, Latinos value ‘orgullo’ (Pride) which touches on
  44. The average life span of African-Americans is up to seven years shorter than that of Caucasians- Americans.
  45. Depression has been associated with increased risk of _____________, which is the leading cause of death in women.
  46. Which of the following is true of Islam?
  47. According to Bradley, and Lipford-Sanders, 2003, a _________ ________ ____________ are key to the emotional well-being and academic success of African American women.
  48. The homicide rate of African-Americans is very low.
  49. According to _________and_________ (       ) found that Asian Americans with strong adherence to Asian values held fewer positive attitudes about seeking psychological help and were less willing to see a counselor for personal- and health-related problems.
  50. According to the notes, the majority of individuals who seek counseling are_________
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