PSYC 210 Quiz 1

PSYC 210 Quiz 1

  1. Shortly after conception, the newly-created individual is called a _______
  2. Tim and Tom are identical twins who were raised together, but Tim excels in basketball while Tom is an outstanding artist. What might account for these differing abilities?
  3. Rosa is a 22-year-old Hispanic woman. Suzanne is a tall, 38-year-old, Caucasian woman. Both women are pregnant for the first time. Which one is more likely to have twins?
  4. In a typical human being, the sperm and ovum each contain _____ chromosomes.
  5. A person’s DNA may differ from that of either parent due to _______.
  6. While not every person will become religious, each one does possess an element of spirituality.
  7. This sex-linked chromosomal abnormality is the most common type found in males but is diagnosed in only 25% of all cases.
  8. If the 23rd chromosome pair is XY, the child will be:
  9. One of the best ways to study the influences of heredity on behavior is to examine
  10. The male reproductive cell is called the:
  11. As defined in our textbook, development is the pattern of movement or __________ that begins with conception and continues throughout the lifespan.
  12. The _________ domain is concerned with how an individual change in the way that he or she connects to that which is sacred.
  13. The three goals of human development are:
  14. The domains (also called areas of development or processes) included in our study of how people change over time are:
  15. Influences that appear to be consistent among individuals of a similar age group.
  16. Micah has just one day to determine how many single-parent households are represented in his school district. Which form of data collection is best?
  17. Grace wants to know which part of the brain is involved in one’s reaction to a specific stressful event. What method is she likely to use for data collection?
  18. Ethical guidelines allow deception in research studies if _________ follows the experiment.
  19. Which theorist believed that development takes place within a social context with children as “apprentices” being helped by an older “expert?”
  20. Based on his famous experiment with Bobo the clown, this theorist said that children who observe violent behavior are likely to imitate it.
  21. Which theorist believed that development is closely tied to the ways in which we process information?
  22. Which of the following DOES NOT describe what a theory can do for us?
  23. Which theorist indicated that one’s greatest need is unconditional positive regard?
  24. Which theorist believed that human beings are influenced in their development by five interconnected systems?
  25. Which theorist might have indicated that we each experience a series of life crises throughout our lifespan?

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