HIWD 370 Quiz South Asia

HIWD 370 Quiz: South Asia and Traditional China

Covers the Textbook material from Module 4: Week 4.

  1. The Indonesian islands became important in the spice trade.
  2. Aristocratic Hindu clans, known as Rajputs, led the resistance to the advances of Islam into India by Mahmud of Ghazni and other Muslims.
  3. Which statement about the religious underpinnings of the Indianized Southeast Asian states is TRUE?
  4. Scholars attribute all of these factors to the decline of Buddhism in India EXCEPT
  5. Women in Southeast Asia
  6. Where was the capital of the Kushan kingdom located?
  7. What may have contributed to the decline in medieval Indian manufacturing and commercial activity within India?
  8. Where is the pyramid temple at Borobudur located?
  9. Which statement best describes the Kushan kingdom?
  10. Under the Indian land-use system
  11. The transformation of Brahmanism into Hinduism was complete by the end of the
  12. Muslim women had more ____ than Hindu women and were legally permitted to ____.
  13. The first major state in Southeast Asia was ____, with its access to copper, tin, and iron.
  14. Indian music
  15. Which region served as a land bridge for migrating peoples who ultimately traveled to Australia?
  16. Rice became the main food crop in China during which dynasty?
  17. The Mongols
  18. Khubilai Khan’s capital was located in
  19. Under the ____ Dynasty, China extended its rule into Mongolia and Central Asia.
  20. Of the following Chinese dynasties, which one was the most recent?
  21. The early Tang sought to enhance the power of the landed nobility.
  22. Civil service examinations
  23. Due to various technical aspects of the Chinese language, its poetry had
  24. During the Han, the Chinese mastered the art of manufacturing steel.
  25. Zhu Yuanzhang completed the task of overthrowing the ____ Dynasty.
  26. The Mongols were able to maintain control in China for an extended period because they
  27. Zheng He and his fleet sailed as far west as
  28. The Tang Dynasty witnessed a flowering of Chinese culture.
  29. The Buddhist sect that stressed the role of devotion was
  30. Which Mongol conquest was most successful?


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