HIWD 370 Quiz Ancient China

HIWD 370 Quiz 2: Ancient China and the Americas

Covers the Textbook material from Module 2: Week 2.

  1. What was true of the Shang government?
  2. Most of the currently standing Great Wall of China – which appears in popular photos — was
  3. What is true of Daoism?
  4. The eastern frontier of China remained the great fault line of Asian conflict for over two thousand years.
  5. Which statement about the “five relationships” is FALSE?
  6. Iron making developed in China much later than in the Middle East.
  7. The terra-cotta figures near the Qin First Emperor’s burial mound demonstrate the
  8. In the Book of Mencius, human nature is portrayed as fundamentally
  9. What was the greatest factor leading to the fall of the Qin dynasty?
  10. The legendary “three sovereigns” of prehistoric China were
  11. How might a peasant come to own a small plot of farmland?
  12. The Shang Dynasty is especially useful for historians because it
  13. The first emperor of the Qin Dynasty ascended to the throne at age thirteen.
  14. What is the evidence that the social classes were becoming increasingly differentiated during the Shang Dynasty?
  15. What was one of the major preoccupations of Chinese philosophers of the late Zhou dynasty?
  16. Mayan civilization
  17. Aztec rulers claimed that they were descendents of the gods.
  18. Archeologists call the region in which the first New World civilizations began
  19. Classical Mayan civilization was centered on modern-day Mexico.
  20. Where did the Maya civilization develop?
  21. Cacao beans were used as currency by Maya people.
  22. Aztec writing
  23. An extensive urban community was created at Chaco Canyon by the
  24. The ancient Aztec capital
  25. What caused the disappearance of Chimor?
  26. Aztec religion
  27. In Aztec society, once a young man of noble status reached adulthood, he would
  28. The Inka king who began the conquests that led to the creation of their empire was
  29. The chinampas
  30. The Inka had no writing system, but kept records using a system of knotted strings called quipu.
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