HIWD 370 Quiz Rise of Islam

HIWD 370 Quiz 3: Rise of Islam and Civilizations in Africa

Covers the Textbook material from Module 3: Week 3.

  1. The _____ Pillars of Islam outline the basic obligations of all believers.
  2. The Ka’aba
  3. According to Islamic belief
  4. A primary contribution of Arab scholarship was the
  5. Muhammad was born into an elite family of scholars and poets.
  6. Like the Seljuk Turks, the Mongols were Muslims.
  7. In addition to being Islam’s sacred book, the Koran
  8. Ibn Sina used the work of ____ to support his own belief in natural laws.
  9. In general terms, it can be said that Islamic society
  10. Caliph (or khalifa) literally means
  11. In 1291, ____, the last stronghold of the crusaders, fell to Muslim forces.
  12. The caliphate that is often described as the Abbasid “Golden Age” was the reign of
  13. The poet who wrote the Rubaiyat was
  14. The crusades made Christian Europeans a major force in the Middle East until the beginning of the eighteenth century.
  15. The diwan was a
  16. Until the 1950s, the prevailing view among Western historians was that Africa was a continent without a history.
  17. What was the ancient African kingdom that claimed to be descended from the Arabian kingdom of Saba (or Sheba)?
  18. What is the earliest form of surviving architecture found in Africa?
  19. The southern African state of Zimbabwe
  20. The Khoi people of southern Africa were
  21. In the states of West Africa, the focal point of the major towns was the
  22. Swahili civilization was based on a mixture of native African and ____ cultures.
  23. The northern area of Africa, from the Atlantic to the Indian Oceans, is composed of the greatest desert on Earth, the
  24. Slavery in Africa
  25. If one traveled south from the grasslands of central Africa, one would reach
  26. The Epic of Son-Jara tells the story of the founder and ruler of
  27. Prior to the arrival of Islam, most African religions were monotheistic.
  28. A(n) ____ settlement was established on the island of Madagascar in the early first millennium C.E.
  29. The original reason for the rise of the kingdom of Ghana was
  30. The Garamantes
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