COUN 502 Essay 3

COUN 502 Essay 3 Liberty University

The student will read a provided essay topic, noting carefully all the pertinent issues to address. The student will then write an essay of at least 600 words, drawing information from this course, outside readings, and presentations for that module/week. The essay must be strongly supported with 2–3 scholarly sources in current APA format; a reference page must be included. Essays are first submitted to the Discussion Boards for feedback and then submitted via a submission link.


Adolescence is a critical developmental period when physical, emotional, and cognitive maturational changes are occurring at the same time, and at some points, dramatically. It is the bridge between childhood and adulthood and it is the time G.S. Hall accurately labeled sturm and drang.  The adolescents’ foundation is becoming set as they develop a sense of identity and direction that will influence the duration of their lives. So there is great concern with drug usage and addiction at this time because of the impact it has and the consequences to the individual, family, and community.

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