OBST 520 Exam 3

OBST 520 Exam 3 Liberty University

  1. Hosea prophesied in what century?
  2. Which children were certainly fathered by Hosea?
  3. Bethel was renamed Beth-aven which means:
  4. In the day of the Lord, judgment was for:
  5. Hosea prophesied judgment on which of the following nations:
  6. In prophetic literature, the sins of Israel included which of the following:
  7. The judgment of Ephraim is pictured as:
  8. The outpouring of the Spirit in Joel is mentioned by whom in the New Testament?
  9. The day of the Lord includes:
  10. Amos was a prophet during which timeframe:
  11. The Amos oracles against the nations indicated that their major sin was:
  12. In the book of Amos, the horns of the altar being cut off signified:
  13. In the days of Amos, which of the following were centers of worship?
  14. Which priest was hostile towards Amos?
  15. In prophetic announcements of judgment, the Lord promised to:
  16. Micah was a contemporary of which prophet?
  17. Micah prophesied during the reign of which of the following Kings:
  18. Micah exhorted the people of Beth Orpah to:
  19. Micah compared the moral landscape of Judah to:
  20. This statement that Gomer was an adulterous wife was probably an anticipation of her lifestyle.
  21. Lo-ruhamah was an indication of God’s love for the people.
  22. Hosea prophesied to Israel because of her idolatry and adultery.
  23. Hosea named his son Jezreel as an indication of promised restoration.
  24. Self-mutilation was practiced by the worshipers of Baal.
  25. The priests confronted the people because of their sin.
  26. Joel prophesied of locust plagues on the nation.
  27. Joel 2 was completely fulfilled on the day of Pentecost.
  28. There is no archaeological evidence to substantiate the earthquake that is mentioned in Amos.
  29. Amos mentioned four specific sins in each prophetic oracle.
  30. In Amos chapter 2, Israel is proclaimed guilty for injustice towards slaves.
  31. Israel was guilty of generational sins.
  32. In Amos, the leadership of Israel believed that the day of the Lord would be a day of God’s blessing and approval upon them.
  33. Micah prophesied of the judgment of Samaria and deliverance of Judah.
  34. Micah used many wordplays to highlight the ironic judgment of God.
  35. Micah prophesied of the fall of Jerusalem to the Assyrians.
  36. Micah, like Obadiah, prophesied of the future restoration of Jerusalem.
  37. Micah prophesied of the destruction of Zion.
  38. God showed mercy to His people because of his covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
  39. What visions were Jeremiah given to convince him of the prophetic word?
  40. The primary god that Israel worshiped in idolatry was:
  41. The name of Jeremiah’s scribe was:
  42. Gedaliah was assassinated by:
  43. Jeremiah pronounced oracles of judgment against which of the following:
  44. Which prophet confronted Jeremiah in the Temple?
  45. How many cherubim were positioned around the throne?
  46. The cherubim had the faces of:
  47. Ezekiel mentioned which of the following men.
  48. The Lord portrays Jerusalem as two sisters.
  49. The leaders of Israel were guilty of:
  50. Ezekiel envisioned the restoration of ethnic Israel as confirmed by:
  51. In Jeremiah, the primary message of the false prophets was the prediction of peace rather than judgment.
  52. Zedekiah, whose name means my righteousness, was worthy to sit on the throne.
  53. The Rechabites were guilty of drunken and disorderly conduct.
  54. Jeremiah was distracted from his prophetic ministry when he sought to buy property.
  55. Jehoiakim responded to Jeremiah’s message and promoted social justice.
  56. Jeremiah was told that the captivity would last 70 years.
  57. Jeremiah prophesied of a new covenant that would have divine enablement.
  58. Jeremiah prayed that the Lord would restore and reconcile his people.
  59. Ezekiel was from a family of prophetic tradition.
  60. The living creatures in Ezekiel are unique to biblical literature.
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