OBST 520 Exam 4

OBST 520 Exam 4 Liberty University

  1. Nahum prophesied against Israel over a period of 15 years.
  2. Nahum assumed the role of a spy as he waited for the judgment of Assyria.
  3. Nahum mocked Nineveh by telling them to multiply like rabbits.
  4. Habakkuk lamented that the wickedness of Judah was continuing unpunished.
  5. Habakkuk was perplexed that God would judge the nation by the Babylonians/Chaldeans.
  6. Habakkuk understood that the Lord is a just ruler and protector of His people.
  7. God answered the objection of Habakkuk by assuring him of divine justice.
  8. Habakkuk was comforted by the knowledge that the Lord would march out of the North to defeat the enemies.
  9. Habakkuk remained pessimistic throughout the prophetic oracle.
  10. Zephaniah was probably a descendent of King Hezekiah.
  11. God’s judgment would fall on all the nations that surrounded Judah.
  12. The judgment of Jerusalem brought purification to the people.
  13. Haggai was a postexilic prophet.
  14. Haggai rebuke the people for misplaced priorities.
  15. In Haggai, the people were guilty of practicing idolatry in the rebuilt Temple.
  16. The people were blessed by the Lord after they began to rebuild the Temple.
  17. Haggai prophesied of a glorious King that would restore the nation.
  18. In Zechariah, the seven eyes represented the omniscience of the Holy Spirit.
  19. Malachi is the last book of the Hebrew canon.
  20. Malachi prophesied the coming of Elijlah.
  21. In the book of Haggai, the people initially were guilty of neglecting the rebuilding of the Temple.
  22. The people learned that serving the Lord paid off in life.
  23. The coming of Elijah will divide families according to generational lines.
  24. The major prophets are more important than the minor prophets.
  25. Nahum presented the Lord God as a:
  26. Nahum assured Judah that they would be delivered from the:
  27. Malachi presented God as a:
  28. In Nahum, Nineveh is compared to what great city?
  29. The prophetic style of Habakkuk is characterized by:
  30. Habakkuk complained that the Lord made him look at:
  31. Habakkuk 2:4 is quoted in:
  32. Zephaniah announced judgments on which of the following nations:
  33. The oppressive city in Zephaniah 3 is:
  34. Zechariah was a contemporary of:
  35. The man among the myrtle trees was:
  36. The night visions of Zechariah were given to Zechariah:
  37. In Zechariah, the accuser of Joshua was:
  38. In Zechariah, the seven lamps represent:
  39. The crown that Zechariah placed on the head of Joshua was:
  40. Zechariah’s visions of the flying scroll and woman in a basket emphasized:
  41. In Haggai, the Lord punished the people by:
  42. In Haggai, what was the exact date that the Lord promised to begin the blessings on the nation again?
  43. The name Malachi means:
  44. In Malachi, the Lord denounced:
  45. Edom felt secure because:
  46. Jonah prophesied during which century?
  47. The Lord commanded and commissioned Jonah how many times?
  48. Jonah’s disobedient spirit is evidenced by:
  49. The pagan sailors sought to save themselves by:
  50. Jonah fled from the Lord because:
  51. The Ninevites could not tell their right hand from their left because:
  52. In Jonah chapter 4, the 120,000 people probably referred to:
  53. Obadiah prophesied against the northern kingdom of Israel.
  54. Edomites were condemned because they did not help their cousins.
  55. Obadiah saw no hope for the nation of Israel.
  56. The sailors prayed to the Lord God while Jonah refused to pray to help them.
  57. The sailors eagerly threw Jonah into the sea to save themselves.
  58. Jonah was angry that the Lord would be willing to forgive his enemies.
  59. After Nineveh repented, Jonah resigned himself to accepting the outcome.
  60. God used the destruction of the plant to provide encouragement to Jonah.
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