OBST 520 Exam 1

OBST 520 Exam 1 Liberty University

  1. The theological foundation on which the Psalms are built is that the Lord God of Israel is the universal sovereign who rules justly over the earth.
  2. Imprecatory Psalms were a simple expression of angry people towards their enemies.
  3. Psalms of trust are expressions of faith in the historical works of the Lord.
  4. The opening verses of Proverbs state the explicit purpose for the book.
  5. The book of Proverbs is divided into seven major sections.
  6. The primary contrast of life in the book of Proverbs is between prosperity and poverty.
  7. The book of Proverbs affirms cheerfulness, contentment, decision-making and diligence.
  8. Proverbs speaks frequently about truthfulness in relationships.
  9. There is no internal evidence that Ecclesiastes was written by Solomon.
  10. The preacher observed economic vitality and volatility.
  11. Ecclesiastes affirms a theology of retribution, what goes around comes around.
  12. Ecclesiastes teaches that success in life without faith in God is meaningless.
  13. The preacher begins with the futility of life by reviewing the cycles of the natural world.
  14. The preacher believes that much wisdom and knowledge brings joy and satisfaction.
  15. The preacher observed that wisdom should be better than folly just as light should be better than darkness.
  16. The preacher observed that pleasure is permanent as long as work produces wealth.
  17. The preacher believed that all excess of behavior, whether wicked or righteous was futile.
  18. Humanity is bound by time but wired for eternity.
  19. The preacher expounds on the truth of social injustice.
  20. The preacher believed that all activities of life incurred some risk.
  21. The Masoretic text divides the Psalms into how many books?
  22. The most numerous Psalms are:
  23. Which of the following are criteria for determining messianic Psalms?
  24. Enthronement Psalms referred to which of the following:
  25. Proverbs are represented by which of the following:
  26. Which of the following are necessary to live a wise life?
  27. Which of the following is not a major theme in Proverbs?
  28. Proverbs primarily encourages righteousness on the basis of which of the following:
  29. Proverbs emphasizes which of the following for good relationships?
  30. The genre of the book of Ecclesiastes is best understood as:
  31. The most prominent theme in Ecclesiastes is:
  32. What verses provide a basic framework for the thesis of Ecclesiastes?
  33. Human labor is primarily viewed in Ecclesiastes as:
  34. The preacher was skilled in which of the following:
  35. A time to scatter and gather stones probably refers to which of the following:
  36. According to the preacher, happiness in life comes from which of the following:
  37. Which of the following are disadvantages of wealth:
  38. The retribution formula breaks down in life because:
  39. The preacher exhorted the people to:
  40. There are more psalms of lament than any other kind of psalm in the Psalter.
  41. Some of the psalms within the Psalter indicate a context as late as the Babylonian exile.
  42. King David is credited as the compiler of the psalms into the canonical book of Psalms.
  43. The imprecatory psalms are prayers that confess sin to an all forgiving God.
  44. Wisdom psalms share substantial common ground with the literature of biblical wisdom found in books like Ecclesiastes, Job, and Proverbs.
  45. The book of Proverbs is entirely comprised of unconnected wisdom couplets.
  46. The book of Proverbs consists of a collection of wisdom sub-genres comprised into a collection after during (or after) the time of Hezekiah.
  47. The historical context of most proverbs is difficult to obtain, although the precept typically transcends history.
  48. Ecclesiastes is a title drawn from the Greek Septuagint translation of the Hebrew (transliterated informally as “Qohelet”).
  49. The most prominent theme in the book of Ecclesiastes is that life is hebel.
  50. The following is not a “type” of psalm found in the Psalter.
  51. Psalm 127 is considered what type of psalm?
  52. Psalm 22 is considered what type of psalm?
  53. The basic form of poetry in the psalms is
  54. The theology of the psalter is built on what foundation?
  55. Proverbs 1–9 comprise a collection of
  56. The dominant theme of Proverbs is
  57. Chapter 8 Proverbs contains a picture of personified
  58. The preacher of Ecclesiastes if otherwise known as
  59. From what perspective does the Preacher assess life in Ecclesiastes?
  60. The literal sense of the key Hebrew word “hebel” in Ecclesiastes is
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