INFO 305 Quiz 3

INFO 305 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. You are asked to perform a heuristic evaluation of the new orders management module of your inpatient system. You discover that the flow of the orders is different than the way providers are taught in school. This is an example of:
  2. You want to make sure you consider crucial components as you design your first usability study. One of these components is to consider users and their characteristics. Other components are:
  3. You are part of a knowledge management team that is interested in improving the user experience for your organization. The team members know you have taken a course in informatics and ask your advice about how to get started with usability in the organization. You recommend:
  4. International Classification of Nursing Practice is a:
  5. Why is the PSQRD a useful framework for research and practice?
  6. As organizations mature over time in their use of data science, they progress from what to what?
  7. A unit has been experiencing a high rate of patient falls for the past 3 months. According to Donabedian’s model, patient falls would be considered:
  8. The process of knowledge discovery and data mining is best characterized as:
  9. The NIC system includes:
  10. Which terminology serves as a resource to represent domain knowledge of interest and thus facilitates data collection, processing, and aggregation using computer processing?
  11. Standard terminologies can be used to do all of the following, except:
  12. When evaluating quality and patient safety, which approach defines the framework for Patient Safety and Quality Research Design (PSQRD)?
  13. ICD-9 and ICD-10 are examples of which category of terminology?
  14. A health analytics professional must be skilled in all of the following except:
  15. Assigning individual records or rows in a dataset for specific purposes (eg, model development, model validation) is a process known as:
  16. The NANDA-I classification is a:
  17. Which organization recognizes nursing terminologies as supporting nursing practice?
  18. Your organization acknowledges that providers want to improve their user experience with health information technology (IT) products. You want to raise awareness of the potential benefits to the organization. You could draw on stated benefits such as:
  19. Which measure is most important for evaluating the performance of classifiers, models that predict class membership?
  20. A nurse forgets to walk a patient during the nurse’s shift. This is an example of an error of:
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