BIBL 364 Quiz 1

BIBL 364 Quiz 1 Liberty University Answers 

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  1. According to Polhill, the main role of the apostles was now to be witnesses of ____.
  2. According to Polhill, Peter laid the guilt for the crucifixion on several parties. Which one of the following was NOT one of them?
  3. According to Polhill, Peter emphasized the need for his Jewish listeners to “repent.” Which of the following was NOT to be a result of their repentance?
  4. According to Polhill, Peter began his speech in Solomon’s Colonnade by assuring the people that the lame beggar had not been healed by the personal power or piety of John or Peter.
  5. According to Polhill, baptism in Acts is always the event that leads to the forgiveness of sins.
  6. According to Polhill, the “ends of the earth,” a reference from Acts 1:8, are never reached in Acts.
  7. According to Polhill, the miracles in Acts were, among other things, _____.
  8. According to Polhill, the scholarly consensus is that the _____________ text is the more reliable text of Acts.
  9. According to Polhill, the primary enemy of the early Christians was _____.
  10. How many themes does Polhill supply for the book of Acts?
  11. According to Polhill, Peter’s sermon in Acts 2, to the large crowd from many different countries, was probably in what language?
  12. The fact that Acts ends with Paul in Rome may indicate that it was intended originally for the Christians of that city.
  13. According to Polhill, what dominates Peter’s sermon on Pentecost?
  14. Acts is written to provide an orderly account of the events it records as a solid grounding in the faith.
  15. Acts traces the advance of the gospel witness from Jerusalem to Spain.
  16. The Providence of God in facilitating the church’s fulfillment of its witnessing mission may be considered the strongest single theme in the theology of Acts.
  17. According to Polhill, moments of high spiritual experience are____.
  18. According to Polhill, a search for the actual written sources that Luke used is a dead‐ No one can be certain which ones he used.
  19. According to Polhill, what is the event that demonstrates that Jesus is the promised Messiah?
  20. According to Polhill, which of the following is a true statement?
  21. According to Fowler, Acts is less concerned with when Jesus will return than with ___________.
  22. According to Fowler, the greatest of Luke’s themes in Acts is _______.
  23. According to Fowler, a minor theme of Acts is to show that followers of Christ are law‐abiding citizens.
  24. According to Fowler, in how many chapters of Acts is prayer found?
  25. According to Fowler, what theme “bookends” Acts?
  26. According to Polhill, the actual evidence for the speaking in tongues in Acts 2 as being real, known languages is ambiguous.
  1. According to Polhill, which speech in the book is unique, with emphases unparalleled in other speeches in Acts?
  2. Which of the following is NOT one of the four essentials of the conversion experience
  3. According to Polhill, when was the title of the book of Acts fixed?
  4. According to Polhill, from where should a theology of Acts primarily be derived?
  5. According to Polhill, the gift of the Holy Spirit on a person is an essential part of the conversion experience, not a subsequent experience.
  6. Acts is written to provide an orderly account of the events it records as a solid grounding in the faith.
  7. According to Polhill, Peter used a number of titles for Jesus in his sermon on Solomon’s Colonnade. Which of the following was NOT one of them?
  8. In Acts 3:16 Peter claimed that “faith in the name of Jesus” is what healed the lame man. According to Polhill, whose faith was it, Peter’s or the lame man’s?
  9. Select the author of the book of Acts.
  10. Polhill notes that each phase of Paul’s mission in Acts includes how many major speeches?
  11. Polhill notes that the early witnesses for the text of Acts are more divergent than those for any other New Testament book.
  12. Fowler sees the outpouring of the Spirit at Pentecost as the beginning of the indwelling of believers by the Holy Spirit.
  13. According to Polhill, how much of Acts is composed of speeches?
  14. Which verse reveals a primary theme for the book of Acts?
  15. What other book did the author of Acts write?
  16. According to Fowler, “New Israel” or “the Remnant” seems to be the primary agency for taking the gospel to the Mediterranean world.
  17. According to Fowler, all of the major themes of Acts “congregate in the first two chapters of the book.”
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