INFO 305 Quiz 4

INFO 305 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Which two hurdles does the STAR Model address in employing evidence-based practice?
  2. Which of the following would be regulated by the FDA?
  3. Which definition most accurately describes privacy?
  4. Which statement is not part of the Ten Commandments of CDS?
  5. A healthcare provider forgets to update a patient’s medications. Which fair information principle is being violated?
  6. What is the form of knowledge gained in discovery research?
  7. Powers granted to both the federal and state governments are known as what?
  8. E-mailing fraudulent claims from an office in Houston, Texas, to a Medicare facility in Washington, D.C., for medical care not actually performed would constitute what?
  9. Which group would have a financial incentive to implement CDS?
  10. Which type of review is considered the most rigorous?
  11. Which is true of guidance documents?
  12. Knowledge is the point of convergence across the areas of:
  13. Which of the following is true regarding administrative enforcement?
  14. A healthcare system has implemented a functionality where patients who are overdue or almost due for a mammogram are sent letters notifying them to schedule a mammogram based on available data and current clinical care guidelines. Which type of CDS system is this?
  15. What is a negative impact of the increased use of mobile devices in transmitting health data?
  16. Which example constitutes an internal security event?
  17. A(n) ________ is considered the gold standard research design for answering questions about the efficacy of treatments.
  18. By what legal code or precedent are powers not granted to the federal government reserved by the states?
  19. Why have most clinical decision support (CDS) systems not shown to significantly impact patient outcomes in clinical trials, despite the fact that a majority of systems have been shown to significantly improve care processes?
  20. A facility calls in experts to review evidence developed in research and develop guidelines for clinical practice. Which stage of EBP is represented?
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