INFO 305 Quiz 2

INFO 305 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. For healthcare infrastructures with many communicating systems, an interface engine is helpful because:
  2. Which is a significant challenge to technical infrastructures in healthcare environments?
  3. Which statement describes a repository with central storage of a longitudinal record?
  4. In a social network analysis, each node is usually a(n):
  5. Which two hurdles does the STAR Model address in employing evidence-based practice?
  6. Which factor would strongly influence the reliability of an EHR’s repository?
  7. A method for exchanging patient data among healthcare organizations that is endorsed by the federal government is:
  8. A(n) ________ is considered the gold standard research design for answering questions about the efficacy of treatments.
  9. Knowledge is the point of convergence across the areas of:
  10. You decide to interview all the key stakeholders involved in an informatics intervention as part of the planning process. Together you identify the resources available, the likely barriers, and the short-term and long-term objectives. Which kind of theoretical model are you using?
  11. What is the form of knowledge gained in discovery research?
  12. The stages of change identified in diffusion of innovation theory are:
  13. You are leading an effort to implement a clinical decision support system. In order to improve the patient specificity of your CDS rules, you would:
  14. Which example best describes knowledge base content?
  15. You decide to base the evaluation plan of your informatics project on the theory of planned behavior. Which constructs will you use to develop your measurements?
  16. Of the following, which of these steps in the CDC’s six-step program evaluation framework comes first?
  17. UTAUT is a theory of:
  18. Which list includes the three levels of theory relevant to evaluation?
  19. A facility calls in experts to review evidence developed in research and develop guidelines for clinical practice. Which stage of EBP is represented?
  20. Which type of review is considered the most rigorous?
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