HIWD 555 Quiz 7

HIWD 555 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. Which port provided the most supplies to the allied effort in 1944?
  2. Which country was most committed to an Allied offensive in Italy?
  3. Why is General von Choltitz significant?
  4. Who commanded the main allied landing forces on Sicily?
  5. Which statement best describes French resistance at the beginning of Operation Torch?
  6. Who does R.A.C. Parker credit more than anyone else for the success of Operation Torch?
  7. What was the objective of Operation Shingle?
  8. A.C. believes that General Mark Clark should be praised for his seizure of Rome.
  9. Germany’s generals and Hitler agreed that the best defensive tactic was to retreat to allow for strategic flexibility.
  10. How did Rommel want to defeat the allied invasion of France?
  11. What was Operation Cobra?
  12. According to R.A.C. Parker, Americans forces won the Battle of the Bulge because they moved faster than the Germans.
  13. Where did the Germans have the most success against the allied landings at Normandy?
  14. Which Allied operation failed in its attempt to seize a route over the Rhine River in September 1944?
  15. What did Hitler hope to achieve when his forces initiated the Battle of the Bulge?
  16. How many American casualties were there in the Battle of the Bulge?
  17. Which of the following historians and scholars has not written extensively about the Battle of the Bulge?
  18. What happened between 1 and 5 am at night in the Warsaw Ghetto?
  19. How many Jews lived per room in the apartments in the Warsaw Ghetto?
  20. Who visited Warsaw in September 1941 and photographed the conditions in the ghetto?
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