HIWD 555 Quiz 5

HIWD 555 Quiz 5 Liberty University

  1. Where did the Americans finally get the British to commit to an invasion of France in 1944?
  2. What was Roosevelt’s priority through most of 1943?
  3. Who was the commander of German forces in North Africa from 1941 to 1943?
  4. What was the furthest advance of German forces in North Africa?
  5. The Battle of Kursk was the last battle on the Eastern Front where the Germans had more troops than the Russians.
  6. Which country wanted the allies to concentrate the troop buildup in Great Britain and to attack France as soon as possible?
  7. Where did Operation Torch occur?
  8. Because of its Italian ally, Germany had secure supply lines to its forces in North Africa.
  9. While U.S. military commanders believed Great Britain would survive the Battle of Britain in 1940, Roosevelt did not.
  10. What major problem slowed Germany’s advance in the Soviet Union in the summer of 1942?
  11. What tonnage goal did Admiral Donitz think Germany needed to sink each month to win the war?
  12. What percentage of America’s fighting forces were in each theatre as of 1944?
  13. Why was the Soviet Union able to encircle the German forces in Stalingrad?
  14. How many Russian soldiers died at Stalingrad?
  15. Which of the following historians and scholars has not written extensively on either Operation Torch or the Battle of Stalingrad?
  16. Who did Hitler order to relieve German forces in Stalingrad?
  17. Why did the Americans and British decide to launch Operation Torch?
  18. The video, “The Tide Turns,” ends with what battle?
  19. Who allied with the Germans in attacking around Leningrad?
  20. How many trucks did the United States supply the Russians?
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