HIWD 555 Quiz 6

HIWD 555 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. Which country mobilized its work force the most effectively during the war?
  2. Which country had the largest population going into the war?
  3. The United States believed in precision bombing.
  4. What was the Achilles heel of the German war effort?
  5. Why was the United States important to the Soviet war effort?
  6. A.C. Parker argues that the German and Japanese militaries maintained the highest morale.
  7. Where did the United States drop the second atomic bomb?
  8. Russian trucks were unequalled for sturdiness and reliability.
  9. Which country produced the most submarines in the war?
  10. Which city did the United States fire-bomb in March 1945?
  11. How many planes did the Americans and British lose in the strategic bombing campaign?
  12. Which of the following historians and scholars has not written extensively the submarine war in the Pacific?
  13. How many American bombers did the Germans shoot down during in their August 1943 attack on Schweinfurt?
  14. Operation __________ was the codename for the Allied strategic bombing campaign in Europe.
  15. American submarine forces suffered the highest percentage of casualties of any U.S. force in World War II.
  16. Who was the commander of the U.S. 8thAir Force at the start of the war?
  17. To maximize protection when they did not have fighter escorts, what formation did the American bombers use?
  18. How many B-17 bombers did the United States possess at the beginning of the war?
  19. Which of the following did not help turn the tide of the Battle of the Atlantic in favor of the allies?
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