CSIS 208 Quiz 1

CSIS 208 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. Although the documentation step is usually listed last in the problem-solving process, it should actually begin when the problem is first defined and continue through the problem-solving process.
  2. Which programming tool uses English-like phrases with some Visual Basic terms to outline a task?
  3. The Properties window is used to change how objects look and react. (T/F)
  4. What effect will the following statement have?
    Visible = False
  5. The statement btnButton = “Press” produces an error message. (T/F)
  6. Software refers to the people who work with computer hardware.
  7. Visual Basic is considered to be a
  8. Which of the following statements sets the words on a button to “Push Me”?
  9. Pseudocode and flowcharts are two different tools or methods used in planning a solution to a problem.
  10. During the design phase, all errors will be caught by Visual Basic’s smart editor.
  11. The Visual Basic Code Editor will automatically detect certain types of errors as you are entering code. (T/F)
  12. Which of the properties in a control’s list of properties is used to give the control a meaningful name?
  13. Changing a control’s Text property also changes how you refer to the control in code. (T/F)
  14. The recommended prefix for the name of a button control is btn. (T/F)
  15. When a Visual Basic program is running, the user can move from one control to another using the keyboard by pressing the
  16. What would be a good name for a text box to hold a person’s first name?
  17. The ForeColor property of a text box changes the color of the form containing the text box. (T/F)
  18. When will the following event procedure be executed?

             Private Sub txtBox_TextChanged(…) Handles txtBox.TextChanged

  19. Which of the following is not one of the three steps used to create a Visual Basic program?
  20. What does the parallelogram flowchart symbol represent?
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