HIWD 555 Quiz 2

HIWD 555 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. ________________________ commanded the German U-Boat fleet.
  2. According R.A.C. Parker, what was key to the outcome of the Battle of the Atlantic?
  3. Which of the following areas did the Germans notconquer in the spring 1941?
  4. According to R.A.C. Parker, why did the Germans win the battle of France?
  5. What mistake did Poland make in its defensive strategy?
  6. What was Operation Dynamo?
  7. Which of the following countries did Mussolini notplan to attack in 1940?
  8. Finland surrendered to ___________________ in March 1940.
  9. What was Belgium’s position in the spring 1940?
  10. Which period was most critical in the Battle of Britain?
  11. Which country had the best code-breaking capabilities in 1940?
  12. What led to the failure of Neville Chamberlain’s administration?
  13. Which statement concerning the Japanese military in the interwar period is true?
  14. While the United States was behind in several areas of military of thought and equipment in the interwar period, in what areas was it fairly advanced?
  15. While weak, Italy was stronger militarily than France.
  16. Why did Hitler decide to seize Norway?
  17. How many British, French, and Belgian soldiers reached Dunkirk?
  18. Why was Hitler’s decision to switch the focus of his air attacks from RAF bases to British cities a mistake?
  19. Who narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in November 1939?
  20. The video, “Aggression”, opens with the German defeat of Poland.
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