GOVT 330 Exam 2

Liberty GOVT 330 Exam 2 Answers

  1. Which of the following people or institutions is most powerful in Russia?
  2. France’s civil service
  3. France has a large number of Muslim immigrants from
  4. Nigeria was colonized by
  5. Most Muslims around the world are
  6. The Biafra independence movement in Nigeria was launched by the
  7. Which of the following is MOST identified with fiscal policy?
  8. According to Samuel Huntington, the most important characteristic that defines a civilization is its
  9. Otto von Bismarck
  10. The two largest parties in Germany are
  11. Nelson Mandela
  12. Africa’s contemporary boundaries for the most part were drawn
  13. Nigeria’s most important export commodity is
  14. In Samuel Huntington’s concept of a “clash of civilizations,” he
  15. The French Senate is chosen by
  16. The Bundestag is elected by
  17. W. de Klerk
  18. In the Boer War
  19. In South Africa, King Shaka was a leader of the
  20. Surveys of Russians citizens indicate that they:
  21. This political value is most likely the most important to the most Americans:
  22. Adam Smith’s economic theories
  23. Essay Question A) Write an essay to explain the concept of political culture and provide examples of various politically relevant political attitudes. B) What is neo‐corporatism and how well does it work in Germany? C) What are the primary assumptions of laissez‐faire capitalism?
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