GOVT 330 Discussion 5

Liberty GOVT 330 Discussion 5 Answers

Topic: Simulation Turns 5 and 6

For your thread, pick 1 of the 2 prompts to answer:

  1. After reading Klesner’s Comparative Politics: An Introduction,Chapter 12 on “The Politics of Development,”  describe the differences between Modernization theory and Dependency theory. Which countries in your Statecraft world represent the wealthy, developed “core”, and which are part of the “periphery”? For more information on core and periphery, see p. 255 in Klesner’s textbook in relation to Dependency theory. Describe relations between the core and the periphery: is there an element of exploitation? If so, how have the exploited actors responded? Give examples. What factors may account for chronic underdevelopment?
  2. Have trade ties in your Statecraft world led to greater interdependence, cooperation, and peace (as commercial liberals expect)? Or have these ties produced asymmetric dependence and exploitation (as some Realists and Marxists would predict)? Give specific examples and explain precisely how trade has produced these outcomes? Are these Statecraft outcomes reflective of trade dynamics in the real world? Why or why not?
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