GOVT 330 Exam 1

Liberty GOVT 330 Exam 1 Answers

  1. The Kurds have substantial populations in all of the following countries, except
  2. The Tories
  3. According to Freedom House data, which category has the highest average GDP/capita?
  4. Locke advocated all of the following, except
  5. A party leader in Britain
  6. Party discipline is most likely to be found in
  7. This country is not a member of the European Union:
  8. Proportional representation distributes legislative seats according to
  9. A unitary state
  10. The Westminster system refers to
  11. Empirical political science
  12. Transparency means
  13. A vote of confidence
  14. A state run by religious authorities is called a
  15. In a parliamentary system, the executive branch is elected or approved by
  16. An example of divided government is one with
  17. Women face the most discrimination in this region:
  18. By the middle 2013, the EU contained ___ members.
  19. The Arab Spring began in this country:
  20. In the course of testing a hypothesis, which of the following typically occurs LAST?
  21. Over the course of the last hundred years, the United Kingdom can best be thought of as a(n)
  22. A prime minister would be MOST likely to call a snap election if
  23. Write an essay explaining A) some of the differences and similarities between democracies and authoritarian regimes. B) Define these terms as used by political scientists: state, institutions, regime, government. C) What is nationalism?
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