GOVT 330 Discussion 1

Liberty GOVT 330 Discussion 1 Answers

Topic: Simulation Turn 0

Discuss both questions 1 and 2 after completing your weekly assigned readings.

Review Klesner’s textbook, Comparative Politics: An Introduction, and discuss the terms used by political scientists in Chapter such as state, institutions, regime, and government (see pp. 44–46 for example). In what ways do these terms overlap? How are they different?

You have to answer 1 additional question below in your thread. You can choose to answer either A or B in addition to the first question above that you answered as part of your thread.
Is Statecraft “just a game” in which anything goes, or should students adhere to some basic ethical practices such as honesty and not harming others since their classmates may be affected by what happens in the simulation? Justify your position.

Choose an example of a war that either (a) occurred in your Statecraft world, (b) was seriously contemplated by your country or other countries, (c) or that you can think of from current events. Evaluate this actual or potential war in terms of the following principles of Just War Theory: just cause, right intention, last resort, legitimate authority, reasonable chance of success, proportionality, and discrimination. On which criteria does the war “pass the test,” and where does it fall short? Overall, would you say this was a just war or not? Given these potential consequences, should the principles of Just War Theory (proportionality, just cause, etc.) apply to war in Statecraft? After a war has broken out, have countries in the world adhered to the principle of proportionality in the way they have carried out warfare? Give examples.

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