ETHC 324 Discussion 2

ETHC 324 Discussion 2 Liberty University

This module/week, you studied the task of being a policy analyst, and examined 3 general normative approaches used to evaluate the ethical dimension of public policy in a liberal society. This exercise focuses on applying the theoretical structures of the normative ethics of utilitarianism and deontology, as well as Bluhm’s own “prudent pragmatism.” The Mitchell readings for this module/week, as well as his critiques of Rational, Romantic and Liberal Humanism from Module/Week 2, are resources to aid you in Christian interaction with these secular theories while you develop your worldview.

Apply the 3 secular theories to reconstruct an analysis of Bluhm’s right to die public policy case in your own words. In addition, outline a response to the case study from the prudent pragmatist theory. Since these are secular theories, what ideas does Mitchell offer that will help you interact with the 3 secular theories from a Christian perspective? Use the readings and presentation from this module/week and any of Mitchell’s analyses from the previous modules/weeks and make appropriate references. You may include references from previous course readings if helpful, or outside reading from personal research. Take care to explain where normative theory fits into Mitchell’s two-tier scheme of liberal humanism. Also, reference Mitchell’s three-story house analogy and include in your analysis the types of questions and disagreements that normative theory seek to address.

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