ETHC 324 Discussion 4

ETHC 324 Discussion 4 Liberty University

This module/week, you studied the ethical dimensions of political economy. Political economy covers the interactions between government policies and the economy, including the utilization of natural resources. Distributive justice (sometimes called “social justice) is the ethical dimension of political economy causing the most controversy. Human sentiment toward the environment was the focus with respect policies affecting natural resources. Examine Willis Jenkins rebuttal of Lynn White. The critical student will notice that the disagreement involves the metaphysics (cultural) and normative levels.

Imagine that your cabinet secretary has called you to a 10-minute briefing prior to a press conference (“presser”) with the President of the United States in the Rose Garden at the White House. Your secretary must give two general remarks, five-minutes each on political economy, and on ethical treatment of the environment. The secretary’s remarks are both intended to set the policy context for the President’s Executive Order. You must develop the two policy statements for the event that are appropriate for the public square, as well as consistent with a biblical perspective. These 2 sets of remarks will be read at the presser. Each position should begin by identifying and critiquing a secular view, then positively stating an affirmative position that reflects a biblical perspective. Divide the required word-length for DBs between the 2 positions—though required word count is suspended unless the length is excessive. Take care to formulate a thesis statement that will serve as the sound bite for the event that is also designed to be carried on the top of the front page in all the major dailies in the U.S.

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