ETHC 324 Ethical Public Policy Analysis

ETHC 324 Ethical Public Policy Analysis Liberty University

In conjunction with Module/Week 8 of this course, you will be required to compose an Ethical Public Policy Analysis on a case study. The purpose of this exercise is for you to analyze a tough public policy problem presented in a particular factually-defined context. This assignment requires you to form a reasonable argument by identifying the fuller ethical dimensions of the problem while engaging in and critiquing rival normative theory assessments.


Bluhm and Heineman present a case study on the Bush Prohibition on stem cell research (155ff). Your essay must conduct an ethical public policy analysis of this issue. Imagine that you are a policy specialist advising the president-elect. You are called to Oval Office to brief the president-elect on the background of the existing stem cell policy. You may assume only the knowledge presented in the Module/Week 8 reading. To prepare, you must write up your argument. Your ethical policy analysis will need to consider all levels of ethical thought—metaphysical, cultural, and normative—as well as the related issues associated with those levels of ethical thought—science, rationality of religious belief, liberal society, etc. Use all the appropriate readings from the course to build your briefing and argue critically and persuasively.


The paper must be 1,500–1,750 words. It must be formatted using 1-inch margins, and double-spaced Times New Roman print. Your writing must avoid grammatical errors. The proper format is current Turabian style.

The paper must be logical and follow the informal argument of the persuasive essay. This format requires an approximately 25-word thesis statement at the end of 1st paragraph, followed by short 4–5-sentence paragraphs. Each paragraph must include a thoughtful topic sentence that is conceptually connected to the thesis statement and supported by 1–2 insightful reasons.

The essay must provide evidence using at least 6 appropriate scholarly references. In addition to the scholarly references, the paper must interact with the material from a Christian worldview, with a well-developed application of at least 3 Scripture references for the paper. Take care not to proof text. Thoughtfully employ Scripture passages germane to your answer to convey the meaning of biblical authors as they intended, and their audiences understood them. Thus, your paper will include a minimum of 9 total references.

Your analysis must employ critical thinking techniques, such as identifying and evaluating the philosopher’s arguments; comparing and contrasting philosophical positions; and anticipating opposing views to your interpretations and ideas. This will involve addressing the metaphysical commitments and ethical theories assumed by the philosopher whom you are analyzing. Leave 1 1/2 pages toward the end of the paper for your own reflective evaluation and conclusion.

Be sure to read the Ethical Public Policy Analysis Grading Rubric for the assignment criteria.

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