ETHC 324 Essay 2

ETHC 324 Essay 2 Liberty University

Module/Week 4: Essay 2 Prompt

Normative ethical theory influences public policy deliberation. This module/week you reviewed 2 general approaches. Teleology in public policy takes the form of consequentialism (or utilitarianism). An alternative class of normative theory is deontology (or duty-based ethic) that can take the form of absolute or prima facie rules. Focusing on the theoretical structures of each, discuss how these 2 approaches might assess a public policy conflict. Use the readings and presentation from this module/week, making appropriate references. You may include references from previous course readings if helpful, or outside reading from personal research. Take care to explain where normative theory fits into Mitchell’s two-tier scheme of liberal humanism. Also reference Mitchell’s three-story house analogy and include in your analysis the types of questions and disagreements that normative theory seek to address. The length of this paper creates a real life situation where you must figure out how to present an idea intelligently with few words.

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