EDUC 510 Quiz The Nature of Teaching

EDUC 510 Quiz: The Nature of Teaching, Online Learning, and Diversity of Students

  1. One element of social capital is communities.
  2. Pluralism describes how our schools are composed of many similar groups.
  3. One way of being a professional is to utilize research – based teaching methods.
  4. What is an instructional model?
  5. What is a key point the authors make about using technology with elementary age students?
  6. The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) has direct effect on classroom instruction. It is an example of:
  7. Which quote is the best example of a teacher using an intrinsic motivator?
  8. Which practice is consistent with the constructivist model?
  9. A major strength of direct instruction is that
  10. Active learning
  11. Piaget’s Development Stages do NOT include:
  12. The zone of proximal development was a learning theory of Piaget.
  13. In Vygotsky’s theory, the zone of proximal development
  14. What is independent study?
  15. Which of the following teacher behaviors is the best example of using student – initiated instruction?
  16. Mixed ability group arrangements include differing levels of ability, skill, or language.
  17. An example of supporting ELLs in your classroom is to penalize a learner when they speak incorrect English.
  18. How is cultural diversity best dened?
  19. Which statement is most true regarding gender equity?
  20. Students will remember and retrieve more information if it has been presented:
  21. Which setting is considered to be the “least restrictive environment”?
  22. As a teacher designing lessons based on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles you would:
  23. Which is the best description of “Response to Intervention”(RTI)?
  24. Which items below would be considered examples of assistive technology?


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