EDUC 510 Quiz Special Education

EDUC 510 Quiz: Special Education Teaching Methodologies and Strategies

  1. The affective domain encompasses objectives that deal with recall or recognition of knowledge and the development of intellectual abilities and skills.
  2. One component to a performance objective is the criterion measure
  3. What is a criterion measure?
  4. A teacher who uses performance objectives correctly will
  5. Curriculum is aligned when:
  6. Select the objective that best meets the requirements for a performance objective.
  7. When applying Bloom’s taxonomy, which level(s) must students master first before achieving the higher skill levels?
  8. State standards:
  9. Beyond formal curriculum, teachers can utilize colleagues, local libraries, and governmental agencies as resources for their lesson planning.
  10. Generalizations are inferential statements that express a relationship between two or more concepts.
  11. In lesson planning, the term instructional goal best describes
  12. In lesson planning, the term rationale best describes
  13. Which best describes a lesson plan?
  14. The best technique for obtaining information regarding student entry skills and readiness levels to be successful for a planned activity is
  15. The authors strongly suggest that
  16. When teachers include ideas from several content areas in their units, they are creating
  17. What does an “inclusive” classroom require?
  18. Deductive reasoning moves from the specific to the general.
  19. Which statement is most true regarding learning styles and preferences?
  20. Which type of intelligence does Gardner assert is developed satisfactorily in schools?
  21. With which type of mental functions is the right hemisphere of the brain involved?
  22. An example of deductive reasoning is:
  23. A teacher gives her preschool students a collection of items and asks them to put them in a tub of water to see if they will oat. What type of approach was she using?
  24. If you use multimethodology, which statement does NOT belong in the list?
  25. The hierarchy for student success moves from simple to abstract without any steps in between.


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