EDUC 210 Quiz History

EDUC 210 Quiz: History and Current Issues

Covers the Textbook material from Module 1: Week 1.

  1. Rudolf Steiner was
  2. One-third of all victims of abuse are children younger than
  3. Four aspects of a sense of professionalism are
  4. Margaret McMillan
  5. Which statement is true?
  6. Kindergarten is the stage for a clash between developmental play and academic preparation.
  7. Being familiar with the profession’s history gives a sense of support and financial aid.
  8. Early childhood is defined as the period of life from infancy through age eight.
  9. In the mid-20th century, persistent black initiatives forced a reformulation of public policies in education.
  10. Early childhood education has adapted to the changing conditions of childhood over the years.
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