EDUC 210 Case Study Trevor

EDUC 210 Case Study: Trevor Assignment


This Case Study: Trevor Assignment is to recognize issues that arise in early childhood classrooms and use available scholarly sources to understand and react in a positive manner that will positively benefit the children.

INSTRUCTIONSScenario:Trevor is a four-year-old male in a privately owned daycare. There are 15 students and two adults in this preschool room. Trevor has focusing and behavioral issues that cause the teacher to stop teaching and working with other children to keep him safe. He throws objects in the room, screams and hits other kids, and cries frequently. The owner of the daycare has received many complaints from parents who are threatening to move their kids to another daycare center. Trevor’s mother thinks that he is “all boy” and will grow out of this stage.For thisCase Study: Trevor Assignment, write a three-page paper (body of paper) using the textbook or other research-based articles doing the following:

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