EDUC 210 Case Study Latonya



This assignment is to recognize issues that arise in early childhood classrooms and use available scholarly sources to understand and react in a positive manner that will positively benefit the children.


Scenario : LaTonya is a five-year-old in her last year of preschool before going to kindergarten.The local public school houses this preschool and insists on evaluating all students, so they will know if the kids are ready for kindergarten.For this assignment, write a two-page paper using the textbook or other research-based articles doing the following:

The first page will be the Title Page.

The next few pages will be the body of the paper.

The first paragraph will be an opening paragraph that describes the scenario.

The second paragraph will discuss an assessment tool you would use to evaluateLaTonya. Also, discuss why you would use this assessment. Start the paragraph with,“As the teacher in this classroom . . .”

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