EDUC 210 Case Study Brittany and Marco

EDUC 210 Case Study: Brittany and Marco

Assignment Instructions

OVERVIEW This Case Study: Brittany and Marco Assignment is to recognize issues that arise in early childhood classrooms and use available scholarly sources to understand and react in a positive manner that will positively benefit the students.

Scenario: Brittany and Marco are three-year-old students in a public preschool.The classroom has18 students with two adults in the classroom.Brittany likes to play with trucks, cars, and other objects that feel “hard.” She does not speak often.The teachers are not sure if she is shy or not able to express her ideas.She also likes to be alone; sometimes just watching the others play. The other kids do not approach her because she doesn’t like interacting with others. Marco also loves to play with trucks and cars, but he also enjoys books and coloring.He is very social, and the other kids like him.

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