AVIA 305 Quiz Airspeed Airfoils

AVIA 305 Quiz Airspeed, Airfoils, Lift, and Drag

  1. A 22,492 lb. aircraft has a (L/D)max value of 9.5; find its minimum drag.
  2. An aircraft is traveling west at an airspeed of 206 knots and is experiencing a crosswind of 19 knots from the north (90). Find the Groundspeed to two decimal places.
  3. An aircraft is in a steady climb, at an airspeed of 170 knots, and the flight path makes a positive 29 degree angle with the horizontal. Find the Rate of Climb, in knots, to two decimal places.
  4. An aircraft is in a steady climb, at an airspeed of 218 knots, and the flight path makes a 8 degree angle with the horizontal. Find the Groundspeed to two decimal places.
  5. Convert 108 kts. to feet per second (fps or ft./sec.)
  6. An aircraft has a Di of 846 lb. when at (L/D)max, what is the value of DP?
  7. Convert 116 kts to feet per minute
  8. A jet airplane is climbing at a constant airspeed in no-wind conditions. The plane is directly over a point on the ground that is 13 nautical miles from the takeoff point from an airport at sea level and the altimeter reads 6,038 feet. Find the plane’s climb angle to two decimal places.
  9. An airplane is operating from an aireld that has a barometric pressure of 29.21 in. Hg and a runway temperature of 23C. Calculate (or find in Table 2.1) the Temperature Ratio to three decimal places.
  10. If an aircraft has a Dmin of 1,855 lb. when at (L/D)max, DP will be
  11. An aircraft flying from LYH to RDU at 5,000 feet and 110 KIAS is said to have what kind of quantity?
  12. The measure of the amount of material contained in a body is called:
  13. The Law of Conservation of Energy states that:
  14. A plain ap is an example of a(n)
  15. The coefficient of drag, CD, is the ratio of drag pressure to the static pressure.
  16. Wingtip vortices contribute to which type of drag
  17. Laminar ow occurs at low Reynolds numbers, where viscous forces are dominant, and is characterized by smooth, constant fluid motion.
  18. The airflow in the boundary layer is acted on by two forces, friction forces and:
  19. Kinetic Energy is defined as:
  20. A stall involves airflow separation of the boundary layer from the lifting surface.
  21. A quantity that has both magnitude and direction is called:
  22. At ____________ altitude, the static pressure is about half that at sea level.
  23. The component L of the aerodynamic force that is perpendicular to the relative wind.
  24. Parasite drag can be said to:
  25. Using Table 2.1 from the textbook and the appropriate equation, calculate the dynamic pressure, q, at 7,000 ft density altitude and 140 knots TAS.
  26. (L/D)MAX is the point where
  27. Dynamic pressure is represented by:
  28. Low-density altitude is a result of:
  29. Air in the boundary layer
  30. The portion of the boundary layer airflow known as laminar ow is characterized by
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