COUC 601 Exam 1

COUC 601 Exam 1 Liberty University

COUC 601 Quiz: Family Systems and Structures; Gender, Culture, Ethnicity

COUC 601 Quiz: Psychodynamic, Transgenerational, and Experiential Models

COUC 601 Quiz: Structural, Strategic, Milan Systemic, and Behavioral/Cognitive Modules

COUC 601 Quiz: Postmodernism, Social Constructivism, Psychoeducational Family Therapy

  1. The view that there are multiple versions of reality, or narratives, within a family comes from the:
  2. Men’s studies draw attention to the socialization of men toward:
  3. What Carter and McGoldrick refer to as “launching children and moving on” is called what by Gerson?
  4. Advocates of a new epistemology, such as Dell, view the therapist’s role as helping the family:
  5. As the result of differing socialization experiences, men and women typically:
  6. Many early family therapists operated in a gender-free fashion, and:
  7. An example of a vertical stressor is:
  8. Adopting a family psychology framework permits one to
  9. The theory of social ecology, including four levels of influence, was proposed by
  10. Family stage markers are events in a family’s life that:
  11. As children grow up and leave home, the family’s developmental task involves:
  12. An idiosyncratic family pattern refers to:
  13. According to Gilligan, women are more apt than men to:
  14. The _________ of subsystem boundaries is more important for effective familiy function than the composition of the family subsystems.
  15. Ethnicity and cultural background:
  16. A family member’s longest set of relationships are likely to be:
  17. For most families, engagement with larger systems are
  18. A central idea in a process-based approach (vs. linear approach) is
  19. Systems oriented clinicians are most interested in:
  20. A family will have a number or coexisting subsystems. According to the text, which subsystem is executive and basic in a family?
  21. “A disturbed mother produces disturbed children.” This statement is offered by the authors as an example of:
  22. Children living with unmarried mothers are:
  23. Nuclear family refers to:
  24. The family therapist who joins a family and engages in a dialogue rather than observing from outside is probably an advocate of:
  25. Hardy & Laszloffy have proposed a ____________ to help people trace their heritage
  26. In families labeled as pathogenic, or poor functioning, demands by an adolescent for a rule change would likely to be met with:
  27. Strategists view psychiatric symptoms in a family member as
  28. When family therapists refer to first-order cybernetics, they are attending to:
  29. Systems theory:
  30. Combrinck-Graham suggests that three generational family development frequently alternates between:
  31. The major transition to be achieved before launching children involves:
  32. Cultural specificity refers to:
  33. Which of the following is not an example of a larger system that all families interact with and are influenced by?
  34. Family therapist Virginia Satir helped families
  35. Which of the following is NOT an example of a sudden, disruptive and discontinuous life cycle change event in a family’s history?
  36. The key to understanding how system theory operates:
  37. Which group of family therapists is most apt to study family transitions?
  38. Minuchin, a structuralist, views symptomatic behavior in a family member as rooted in:
  39. A family’s metarules refers to
  40. Dyads and triads normally refer to:
  41. The consultant who takes the interaction of two systems into account is using which approach?
  42. Families that live in relative isolation, communicating primarily among themselves, are apt to become
  43. According to Bern, which of the following is an example of a gender schema?
  44. “Objectivity per se does not exist; each member has his or her legitimate viewpoint regarding family reality.” This statement is likely to be made by an adherent of:
  45. The way a family organizes and maintains itself at any given time refers to its
  46. Negative and positive feedback loops are:
  47. Reinsertion into a system of the results of past performances is called:
  48. In working with immigrant families, family therapists need to remain aware of:
  49. Coontz views marriage as a
  50. Which of the following has not been identified by Walsh as a key process in family resiliency?
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