COUC 601 Quiz Postmodernism

COUC 601 Quiz: Postmodernism, Social Constructivism, Psychoeducational Family Therapy

Covers the Learn material from Modules 7—8: Weeks 7—8.

  1. Solution-focused therapists believe that the _____________ is more similar from one case to another than the problems each intervention is meant to solve.
  2. The family therapist primarily identified with solution-focused brief therapy is
  3. Therapists influenced by postmodern thought help their clients
  4. In the Goolishian-Anderson collaborative approach, therapist and client are
  5. Within the Social Constructionist discussion, Tom Anderson used reflecting teams and made use of the ____________ in the therapeutic sessions.
  6. Clients who describe their unhappiness but wait for their partner to change first are called what by solution-focused therapists?
  7. Postmodernists agree that what we call reality
  8. According to the text, the postmodern outlook permits
  9. According to postmodern thinking, “romantic love” is a
  10. Deconstruction, according to narrative therapists, refers to disassembling
  11. Using therapeutic letters to summarize sessions is a technique introduced by
  12. An example of banding together to deal with a common problem is a focus of narrative therapy. Support groups, or leagues, were begun by Epston in New Zealand. These groups have found their way to the US and into the fabric of our society. From the list of groups below, which answer is best?
  13. The belief that our knowledge of reality is maintained through stories which we tell about ourselves is called
  14. Outside witness groups or reflecting teams
  15. Which of the following statements is true?
  16. Externalizing a restraining problem is meant to
  17. Using narrative approach encourages families to
  18. Ellen expresses her viewpoint at a meeting, although she is shy and her self-doubt usually tries to silence her. Narrative therapists view this as
  19. According to narrative therapy, a comprehensive understanding of a person calls for
  20. In externalizing conversations, narrative therapists try to help clients
  21. “We never know from day to day what mood our daughter will be in.” This statement is an example of a(n)
  22. Psychoeducational programs are intended to help which of the following?
  23. Treating AIDS, family therapists can
  24. Families with mental illlness face many difficult obstacles. Which one below is not one of them?
  25. The Collaborative Family Healthcare Association
  26. According to Anderson, Reiss, and Hogarty, recovering hospitalized schizophrenics:
  27. PREP sessions may take place as
  28. Research on stress in families with schizophrenic members validates well the relationship between ____________ and relapse.
  29. The PREP Program is designed to aid
  30. An example of a psychoeducational effort is
  31. Visher and Visher developed The Stepfamily Foundation. From the list below what do they provide for newly developed stepfamilies?
  32. In the psychosocial typology of illness, Rolland does NOT include one of following.
  33. An early effort to help parents deal with their emotionally disturbed children is
  34. According to the text, the AAMFT Code of Ethics covers all but one of the following. Which one is NOT covered?
  35. Which of the following could bring a suit for malpractice?
  36. Protecting a client from unauthorized disclosures by therapist without prior consent is called
  37. Which of the following is a true statement?
  38. Which of the following therapy approaches is value-free?
  39. “Family therapy may be hazardous to your health.” This statement points to the fact that
  40. Perhaps the most common grounds for a malpractice suit is
  41. A _________ law regulates who may practice professional counseling in a state.
  42. In a typical managed care arrangement
  43. The emergence of managed care has
  44. Defrauding insurance carriers is likely to be met with __________ level sanction by the APA.
  45. In the case of detected child abuse, the therapist should
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