CJUS 645 Quiz 1

CJUS 645 Quiz 1

  1. Restorative justice is not implemented by _____.
  2. The goal of law is to _____.
  3. When was the rise of modern-day restorative justice?
  4. All of the following individuals touch on restorative justice except:
  5. Restorative justice focuses on _____.
  6. Restorative justice can be seen as a(n) _____.
  7. What is interdependency?
  8. Which of the following is not true regarding the labeling theory?
  9. All is true regarding retributive justice except:
  10. Therapeutic jurisprudence _____.
  11. Removing an offender from the community is the best way to ensure any harm caused is rectified.
  12. Restorative justice is only used in juvenile cases because children are more apt to change bad habits.
  13. Defense attorneys are the “gatekeepers” of restorative justice within the courtroom.
  14. It is important for law enforcement to develop and understand cultural sensitivity.
  15. In the early 1200s, formal laws emerged to protect the interests of wealthy property owners, and State rights and interests took precedence over those of the victim.
  16. Stratification refers to the division of people into distinct groups based on personal traits such as wealth, status, occupation, and religion.
  17. Restorative justice is limited to only 5 processes: mediation, family group conferencing, victim impact panels, peacemaking circles, and sentencing/reparative boards.
  18. Some see restorative justice as a way to significantly transform systems connected to crime and justice.
  19. Nils Christie believes that a justice system based on representation and non- participation of victims is best to help victims move on.
  20. The rehabilitative process focuses on the offender.
  21. In about 200 words, briefly summarize how restorative justice may constitute punishment according to Gade (2021) and describe how that impacts your view of it.


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