NBST 515 Exam 4

NBST 515 Exam 4 Liberty University

  1. The writer of Jude never identifies himself as to his identity.
  2. The commonly accepted date of Peter’s martyrdom was during the reign of Emperor
  3. According to the PointeCast presentations, the Jewishness of the Epistle of James is revealed by the fact that he refers to Christian churches as “synagogues.”
  4. According to the PointeCast presentations, the Johannine Epistles share both the language and theology of the Gospel of John.
  5. The opponents of John in 1 John show evidence of a belief system that has some similarities to Gnosticism.
  6. The term “millennium” itself never occurs in the Book of Revelation.
  7. Most of Jude is included in 2 Peter.
  8. According to the Book of Revelation, John was on the island of Crete when he wrote Revelation.
  9. Which epistle has a strong statement on biblical inspiration?
  10. According to the PointeCast presentations, Jude is important because it is one of the few places in the New Testament where a noncanonical book is cited as authoritative.
  11. Who was most likely emperor when John wrote Revelation?
  12. There is less historical support for the genuineness of 2 Peter than for any other NT book.
  13. Which epistle repeatedly commanded love for one another?
  14. The only NT letter to offer an explicit reference to Paul’s letters as Scripture was
  15. Both external and internal evidence support the authorship of 1 John as being John, son of Zebedee, brother of James, Jesus’ disciple.
  16. Which epistle contains several references that plainly reflect influence from Jesus’ teaching, especially the Sermon on the Mount?
  17. The NT document that employed a high priestly Christology, referring to Jesus as a high priest after the order of Melchizedek, was
  18. A theme of the Book of Hebrews is access to God through Christ, expressed in the phrase “draw near.”
  19. According to the PointeCast presentations, identify the four major interpretive approaches that have been applied to the Book of Revelation.
  20. According to Lea and Black, other than the Apostle Paul, identify someone who has been proposed by scholars as a possible author of the Epistle to the Hebrews.
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