NBST 515 Quiz 4

Quiz: The General Epistles and the Book of Revelation

  1. According to the presentations, the literary genre characterized by cryptic language, strange
  2. symbols, bizarre imagery, and exaggerated figures is called
  3. According to Elwell, an important idea in 1 Peter is the concept of the Christian as pilgrim in this world.
  4. According to the presentations, 2 Peter was written to address a false teaching in the church that denied the reality of the Parousia (the Second Coming of Christ).
  5. According to Elwell, Peter made use of a professional scribe in composing his New Testament letters.
  6. According to Elwell, universalism is the view that ultimately everything and everyone will be saved, even Satan, his angels, and demons.
  7. According to Elwell, which of the General Epistles seeks to assure readers that what God promised through the prophets, spoke through his word, and taught through his apostles is true?
  8. According to the presentations, the Johannine letters appear to have been addressed to congregations with which the writer had no previous connection or association.
  9. According to the presentations, the denial of the return of Christ and the final judgment led false teachers in 2 Peter to advocate for unrestrained freedom.
  10. According to Elwell, the primary reason scholars reject Johannine authorship of epistles attributed to him is that they attribute their authorship to a Johannine circle or community or school rather than to the apostle himself.
  11. According to the presentations, libertinism indulged the body and its desires.
  12. According to Elwell, in which of John’s letters does he say that he must conclude his letter because he has run out of paper (papyrus) According to Elwell, Peter was likely facing imminent death when he composed 1 Peter.
  13. According to the presentations, 1 Peter was written during the run-up to the persecution at the hands of Nero, which began in Rome in AD 64.
  14. According to the presentations, Gnostics affirmed a spirit/body dualism that caused them to stress the spirit and disparage the body.
  15. According to Elwell, the letter that speaks of Paul’s writings as being Scripture is
  16. According to Elwell, which of the men named Jude (or Judas) in the New Testament is most likely to have been the author of the Epistle of Jude?
  17. According to Elwell, at least six of the last seven New Testament writings are not very familiar to most people.
  18. According to Elwell, John was exiled on the island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea when he composed the book of Revelation.
  19. According to the presentations, some scholars believe 1 Peter 3:17-20 to be an early baptismal formula which pictures Christ, during the three days in the grave, descending into hell to preach to the disobedient spirits in Noah’s day.
  20. According to the presentations, the message of the book of Revelation is “in the end, God wins!”
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