CJUS 645 Developing Restorative Justice Paper

CJUS 645 Developing Restorative Justice Intervention Assignment


There are five core restorative justice interventions (practices): victim-offender mediation, family group conferencing, victim impact panels, peacemaking circles, and reparative boards. Each of these interventions represents the ideals of restorative justice in different ways. In that respect, not all of these interventions would be suitable for addressing all types of harm. If a criminal justice organization has the capacity to facilitate each of these interventions, it will have to consider the specifics of the harm caused and the participation interest of those impacted by the harm when choosing which to use.


For this assignment, you will again assume the role of a criminal justice practitioner in either al aw enforcement organization, community corrections or institutional corrections organization , or judicial organization. It’s Monday morning and the following information is given to you

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