CJUS 601 Quiz 3

Liberty CJUS 601 Quiz 3 Answers

  1. Which of the following classifications of subjects cannot legally give consent on their own?
  2. Before their release, prison inmates are asked to fill out a risk assessment questionnaire which assesses the likelihood that an inmate will re-offend. A researcher later corroborates the risk assessments with official arrest statistics. This is an example of:
  3. Cory wrote a proposal to study the impact of birth order on aggressiveness. One of his first steps was to review definitions of aggressiveness in other research studies. This illustrates the first step in the process of:
  4. Understanding the meanings people give reality instead of how reality works is the goal of:
  5. Committees which review research proposals for adherence to ethical guidelines are called ______________ Review Boards.
  6. Which of the following is not a requirement of obtaining informed consent?
  7. The extent to which measures indicate what they are intended to measure is called:
  8. A measure will have intraobserver reliability if:
  9. Researchers apply the term face validity to the confidence gained from:
  10. A variable’s level of measurement indicates:
  11. What type of measures are used to study groups or individuals without their knowledge?
  12. The domestic violence study conducted in 1984 by Sherman and Berk had an ethical concern in that:
  13. An observer examines the behavior of high school dropouts on several occasions to measure the frequency of their alcohol use. Later, it turns out that the observer’s ratings have minimal association with each other. This indicates a problem with:
  14. A politician is worried that fear of crime is increasing. A survey is given to community residents to measure fear of crime. To check the criterion validity of this measure, the politician should:
  15. Propose a research question and a research project in which the subjects may be harmed? Do you believe this project could pass IRB approval? Why or why not?
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